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Favorable Conditions of Commercial Roofing in Rockford, IL

Aug 20, 2021 | Blogs, Commercial Roofing in Rockford IL

Commercial roofing is a vital commercial property maintenance responsibility. With the commercial real estate market in flux, commercial tenants and commercial owners alike need to know what they’re getting into when it comes to commercial roofing in Rockford IL. Whether you’re looking for a roofer or you need to hire one, this blog post will help guide you through the risks and benefits associated with commercial roofing.

Types of Commercial Roofing in Rockford, IL

What are the benefits of each type? Which types have been popular in recent years?: The three main commercial roofs that we see being used these days include: a) Single-Ply Membranes, b) Modified Bitumen and c) Metal Roofs. Each one has its own list of benefits so let’s take a quick look at them!

Single Ply Membrane Commercial Roof Systems

These types of commercial roofs offer an “all in one” system which is perfect for those who want everything to be contained within on simple product. Benefits include lightweight installation (which makes it easier to install commercial roofs), reduced number of components, lower life-cycle costs because there are fewer materials to be installed. This commercial roof has been popular in recent years as the benefits have become more widely known and understood.

Modified Bitumen Commercial Roof Systems

These types of commercial roofs are similar to single-ply membranes but instead, they use a different type of material for installation which offers slightly different advantages/disadvantages than those mentioned above. Benefits include increased resistance to fire (which is important for commercial properties with heavy footfall or areas where smoking may occur). Disadvantages include greater weight making it harder to install commercial roofs!

Metal Roofs

There are two main types of metal commercial roofs: Corrugated Sheet & Standing Seam.

Corrugated Sheet – This commercial roof is a very rigid type of commercial roof which makes it ideal for commercial properties where heavy footfall occurs. However, this commercial roof has poor resistance to wind and snow loads making them a less favorable option in Northern climates.

Standing Seam – Like single-ply membranes, these commercial roofs have good thermal insulation as well as being resistant to high winds/snow but the metal standing seam can be an aesthetic nightmare!

Flat Commercial Roofing Systems – These are similar to residential flat rooftops however they tend to use more advanced materials that help protect against extreme weather conditions etcetera. The most common material used on commercial flat rooftops is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

How Can A Commercial Roofer Help Your Business Avoid These Commercial Roofing Risks?

Corporate roofs may take any number of forms, from commercial flat roofs to specialized low slope or standing seam metal roofs. In high wind areas, such as coastal regions and mountain passes, the types of commercial flat roof systems installed will need special engineering. Risks associated with commercial flat roofs include tearing if not properly maintained or repaired after the damage is done by storms or other factors. A good quality design for lighter commercial buildings uses a reinforced membrane that resists punctures caused by flying debris during inclement weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes.