Commercial Roof Coatings & Restoration

BP Roofing Solutions in Rockford, Illinois, is an experienced roof coating contractor. Our service area includes all of the surrounding areas of Rockford, Illinois, and Janesville, Wisconsin. When it comes to your business, the roof is often the last thing on your mind until it starts leaking or gets damaged. Full roof replacement is costly. In some instances, when a new roof is required, a complete teardown is necessary. Roof coatings are a less expensive alternative to a full commercial roof replacement.

The Advantages Of Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coating solutions have many benefits, with lower installation costs compared to a new roof being the primary reason. Roof coatings provide many other advantages that will save your company money.
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Here are a few reasons to choose roof coating:

  • Energy Efficiency – A cooler roof reduces the heat load on the air conditioning system, saving money in possible repairs and electricity.
  • Fire Resistance – Commercial roof coatings decrease the speed of fire, possibly qualifying you for a discounted property insurance rate.
  • Waterproof – Heavy rain and pooling water stay outside while your people and goods remain dry. Water cannot penetrate the seamless coating.
  • Lightweight – Commercial roof coatings keep your roof structure light because they do not add extra weight. A vital feature is if your building has more than one roof, and you need to follow building codes.
  • Heat Reflection – Directs the sun’s energy away from the roof, so your structure stays colder and more pleasant.
  • Low Maintenance – Roof coatings are practically maintenance-free. They only need an occasional cleaning to eliminate dirt or other debris.
  • Remarkably Durable – Roof coatings flex and can withstand severe hot and cold temperatures.

Trusted Roofing Experience

BP Roofing Solutions in Rockford is a premier roof coating company. We have the knowledge and tools to restore your commercial roof, no matter what size it is. We always offer fair prices and prompt service. Keep your business covered with the best roof coating services. We always provide quality work and trusted service. Our roofing technicians are friendly and keep in constant communication with you.

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